Differences between Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

Differences between Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

For ages now, people have been mesmerized by gemstones that can't be described using words and that invite high prices. Yet you could hear a thing or two about the values of these gems. The "precious" and "semi-precious" classification of gemstones is the simplest way to differentiate them from each other. Do you want to find out what are the differences between precious and semi-precious gemstones? Or do you want to know which one is a better option to invest in? No matter what you’re looking for, through this article, we will be able to share the finer and important details with you.

Definition and Classification

The separation of gemstones into the "precious" and "semi-precious" slots originated a long time ago, but there is no general acceptance of this point, even among gemstone trade professionals. Historically, the term "precious" is applied to diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds; other gemstones such as amethyst, citrine, garnet, and turquoise have "semi-precious" applied to them. Nevertheless, this designation does not generally represent the true value or the fiber of gems alone.

Value and Rarity

One frequent mistake is that the shine of precious stones is often favored over that of semi-precious gems and that the latter is considered less valuable. While diamonds and certain colored diamonds may hold a huge attractive market, considering their rarity and special demand, other factors also influence the price of the gemstones. If you’re in search of some valuable and unique pieces that help you stand out amongst the crowd, then Dejaun Jewelers has surely got you covered with the variety that we have to offer you.

Physical Properties

Separation of the physical properties also has stronger intrinsic characteristics like hardness, durability, brilliance, and rarity. For example, diamonds, the hardest known natural material, have become the most suitable for creating daily jewelry items. It is important to note that both rubies and sapphires, derived from corundum, also known for their hardness and bright colors, are in high demand. Unlike diamonds and garnets, emeralds are not the hardest ones; they shine with their natural beauty and dark green color.

However, unlike semi-precious gemstones, which capture the vastness of a whole world of minerals characterized by different degrees of strength and fragility, other ones, such as amethyst, citrine, and so on, are softer and make the best jewelry options. Others, such as opal and turquoise, are softer and will need you to handle them with care so as not to damage them or even bring any scratches to them.

Popularity and Demand

Precious and semi-precious gemstones have a long tradition of grading and classifying. These distinctions have impacted consumer perceptions and market trends. Expensive gems, which are always related to expensive jewelry and luxurious living of both rich and poor, have the potential to satisfy the high demand of modern citizens and wealthy clients.

Though the acceptance of diverse and remarkably non-conforming gemstones has recently caused a shift in focus from diamonds to semi-precious varieties, it might also lead to new gemstone classifications. Examples of gems that have become fashionable recently are tourmaline, aquamarine, and tanzanite, which are characterized by unique colors, affordable prices, and varied applications in jewelry design. In this way, designers and consumers increasingly prefer a varied collection of semi-precious stones to trade hand in hand.

Cultural Significance

Gardens have had meaningful representations for different cultures and civilizations since ancient times, often standing for prosperity, power, spirituality, or protection. For centuries in human history, it has been the method of kings and nobility to use the precious stones and to value them, which are associated with power and wealth. From the glittering ages of ancient Egypt to the Renaissance, monarchs and rulers were not left behind as they dawned glorious gemstones on their crowns and scepters, among other jewelry.

Nevertheless, the representation of various cultures, like the semi-precious gemstones, has also carried symbolic and spiritual meanings to various communities around the globe. In the distant past, gems such as amethyst and turquoise have been attributed as possessing wondrous abilities and being magical. Among them, these gemstones are seen as something precious because of their appearance and metaphysical use, which are used for meditation and crystal healing to bring balance to the mind-body-spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What determines the value of a gemstone?

The value of a gemstone can be determined by multiple factors, such as rarity, color, size, and cut. Moreover, some precious gemstones, such as rubies and diamonds, are priced higher because of their demand.

Q2. Are semi-precious gemstones less durable compared to precious ones?

While it might be possible that some semi-precious gemstones are less durable than precious ones, which might not always be the case. When you are investing in gemstones make sure to do your research accordingly and also ask the seller if you have any questions in mind. Moreover, if you take good care of your gemstones, they will easily last you for a longer period of time.

Q3. Can semi-precious gemstones also have good value?

Yes, semi-precious gemstones can have good value if they have exceptional and unique color, size, texture, or clarity. Moreover, there is a growing demand in the market for gemstones these days so there are chances that your gemstones will also hold good value.


In a nutshell, differences between precious and semi precious gemstones are that both terms "precious" and "semi-precious" are convenient tools by which gemstones are ordered into two broad categories, but both have their advantages and things that set them apart.

Besides, precious and semi-precious stones are adorned with peculiar qualities, beauty, and pricing that explain their unremitting popularity in jewelry, immense fashion, and art. So, if you want some precious gemstones you can treasure forever and have as your own, then make sure to shop the collection live at Dejaun Jewelers.
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